Robotics Demonstration Session


The Annual CSL Student Conference invites grad students and post-docs to exhibit their robots in an event similar to a poster session. This session provides a platform for students across the campus to gain exposure for their research, and to disseminate and exchange ideas. The aim is to stimulate interaction among researchers, and hopefully foster a close bound in the robotic society of our university.

This half-day session consists of multiple robot demonstrations. The content could range from showing simple functionality of a robot to demonstrating some algorithm implemented on a robot platform. Presenters will also have the opportunity to use the Flight Arena with the Vicon system, should their demonstration requires a large open space.

Lunch will also be provided!

2018 Participants

  • Zixu Zhang, Zhenghe Shangguan
    Feature-constrained Active Visual SLAM for Mobile Robot Navigation
  • Karan Gansham Chawla, Hunter Young
    Autonomous Phenotyping Robots
  • Naveen Uppalapati, Gaurav Singh, SreeKalyan Patiballa [Best Demo Award]
    Design of Soft Robots using Fiber Reinforced Actuators
  • Jonathan Hoff
    Active wing folding of a bio-inspired robotic bat
  • Fanxin Wang
    Single-Port Minimally Invasive robotic Surgical Platform
  • Peter Du, Daniel Olivas-Hernandez, Aygen Berk Cagilci, Ritwika Ghosh
    CyPhyHouse Robotics Demo
  • Joao Paulo Jansch Porto
    Decentralized control of nested system with Hinfinity performance bounds
  • Siddharth Tanwar, Ashwin Kanhere, Akshay Shetty
    iBQR: An Autonomous UAV Research Platform
  • Shubhankar Agarwal, Adrian Brandemuehl
    Autonomous Submarine in Action at Robosub
  • Luis Urrutia, Kim Gustafson, Oyuna Angatkina [Best Demo Award]
    Annelid-Inspired Crawling Locomotion using Bi-Stable Origami Towers
  • Brian Franklin, Mihary Ito
    Ornithopter Flight for Testing
  • Sarah Sexton
    HoloLens Demo